Thank you FairTax supporters!

A report on this year's Tax Day rallies from Angie Choueifati, Grassroots Event Coordinator.

Tax Day Rallies 2007-sidewalk supportersThank you to all of our dedicated, hard-working volunteers in making this our most successful year yet Your hard work produced a 300 percent increase in post office rallies this year over last year! Over 100 post offices in more than 30 states were sites for local groups educating the public. FairTax supporters volunteered their time and efforts through sun, wind, and rain! The FairTax momentum has swung in our direction, and we can feel the excitement.

At the main post office in Phoenix, Arizona, nearly 30 supporters, including state senators Jack Harper and Ron Gould, passed out hundreds of pieces of educational materials for several hours. Greg Dutton, Arizona volunteer state director, said, “When the TV cameras arrived, they filmed our line of supporters with our banners and signs as we cheered for the FairTax!” Tom Jenny, chairman of the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers “did a terrific job, getting the salient points of the FairTax across,” said Dutton.

Tax Day Rallies 2007 - street in front of post officeRon Babin, Michigan co-state director, and two other FairTax volunteers passed out over 2,200 flyers and nearly 100 bumper stickers! They rallied for nearly 10 hours straight and said, “It was worth every minute!”

Charlie Ploetner, an avid FairTax supporter from Kentucky, said, “People were thanking us for being out and wanted to get involved. We don’t want to stop!”

Jeff Lewis, out of Houston, Texas, rallied with a couple of other volunteers for six hours. He was “surprised by the amount of people that knew about the FairTax already!”

Not only were materials being passed out, but John Moisa from Lynchburg, Virginia collected almost 100 petitions. They had “a few thousand people in their cars honk, wave and give the thumbs up as they drove past us! The grassroots efforts are having a great impact on the community.” Donald Koop, a community coordinator from Roanoke, Virginia, collected 121 petitions in only four hours.

Tax Day Rallies 2007 - FairTax babyFairTax supporters even added a little spice to their rally with a volunteer dressed up as Uncle Sam. Stephanie Usrey in Gainesville, Georgia said it “would have been close to impossible for anyone to miss our presence as they passed the post office. Uncle Sam was terrific!” Pat McManus, community coordinator from Springfield, Missouri, also improvised with an Uncle Same look-alike! Karen Heitman and rally group, out of Bluffton, Georgia, dressed up their golden retriever, Champ, as a FairTax supporter!

Coit Morrison and Christian Hine in Rock Hill, South Carolina rallied for six hours, passed out 500 petitions, and requested people sign them and return them to headquarters. “Over 90 percent of the people spoken to were friendly and many stated that it sounds like a great idea to them!”

Bill Tidwell and group rallied for nearly 12 hours in Greensboro, North Carolina. “One radio station held an interview with us and the TV crew even showed up. A lot more people in Greensboro know about the FairTax today.”

Terrin Moir in North Vernon, Indiana rallied with his group for nine hours, receiving over 100 signed petitions. He stated, “Most people said they had heard of it then went straight to the petition to sign it!”

Doug Hartlove and his group in Sommerville, New Jersey had to shorten their rally time because of weather conditions, but for the several hours they were there, people were very receptive and excited about the FairTax. He said, “Some people even asked for additional material to take to their office.”

These were just a few of the comments received by loyal FairTax supporters. As you can see, the grassroots effort is making a big difference. We would like to give each of you a warm thank-you for all of your hard work and for making this tax day a great success! We couldn’t have done it without you!

See y’all next year,

Angie Choueifati
Grassroots Event Coordinator