We're going to make the FairTax happen!

A supporter's report on the Dare to be Fair Rally in Columbia, SC.

I am recovering from our trip to the FairTax rally in Columbia, S.C. My morning started out badly on the 15th. About 5 o'clock a.m. I was taking out the luggage to the car in my driveway when I realized that someone broke out the front passenger car window to steal whatever they could find in my car. I was not a happy camper. The police never showed up to take a report, so I called them to tell them I had an appointment in Columbia, S.C.

Dare Rally - ralliers 02My wife and I spent a few days preparing the poster for the FairTax rally which is the one you see on FairTax.org. We really had a great time supporting our cause with the other people there. That's me behind the flag.

On top of that, I got interviewed by some reporter on tape who had no clue on anything about the FairTax. The first question out of her mouth was why would I support something that would raise taxes by 23 percent? I let her have it with both barrels. Then we went inside and had a really great time.

The people that set up the rally really deserve the credit for making it happen. Did you happen to make it to Columbia? After all the problems we had before and after the rally, I want to say in our behalf we really enjoyed ourselves at the rally. Neal [Boortz] even autographed my flag and both our caps. How many more rallies are there and what are the dates? I know I heard Des Moines, Iowa. I got the window replaced in Columbia, S.C. Thank God, ‘cause we ran into some pretty heavy downpours in Virginia. Well, enough said. Have a great day.

-- Karl Kordecki, Dayton, Ohio.