FairTax  supporters join the 4th of July parade in Dunwoody, GA.


Dunwoody, GA 4th of July parade

WOW! The FairTax volunteers made quite an impression at the Dunwoody, Georgia parade on July 4th! We had more than 150 supporters turn out for the march, and march they did. All of our marchers wore FairTax shirts and hats and carried the signs. We handed out 1500 pieces of literature (and gum for the kids!). For the most part, the approximately 20,000 spectators seemed to respond very favorably to the FairTax group.


Dunwoody, GA 4th of July paradeOur group led off with a large American flag, followed by the FairTax banner, then all the marchers, followed by a decorated car. The parade had 130 different groups represented and we were the largest and (so we were told) the loudest. We chanted "What do we want?" "FAIRTAX!" "When do we want it?" "NOW!” and boy, were we loud! Many of the spectators cheered with us, clapped, and eagerly reached for the literature handouts! Many thanks to all of you who came out to show your support. We can make it happen!

-Cindy Blum