FairTax bus on the road in Iowa!

Blog 12
August 12, 2007

Hi everybody,

Iowa Ames rally bus outsideIf I could start this entry off with one word, it would have to be “wow!” It’s almost surreal that I’m finally sitting in the airport waiting for my flight back home to Houston, TX. If you’re reading this then I take it that you’ve been reading my other entries and know that I’ve tried my best to keep you updated and informed as to what’s going on around me. I hope that I’ve succeeded in my attempt to make you feel like you were along for the ride!

As you know, this was the first FairTax bus tour and what an experience it has been. I’ve met some great people along the way—from our active Iowa volunteers who followed us from event to event to regular small-town folks that appreciated our attendance to even our fabulous bus driver, John Epperson. I have also learned so much from this trip and can only imagine what our next bus tour will be like, if I could guess, it’s going to be “bigger and better!” Looking back, we were well received in 25 cities across Iowa, including predominately Democrat towns!

Iowa Ames rally tent - outsideAs far as the Straw Poll goes, it literally could not have been better! We had a FairTax ferris wheel, hot air balloon, great fair food (funnel cake, corn dogs, etc), Mel McDaniel perform an awesome show, at least 75% of the Straw Poll attendees wearing a FairTax lapel sticker and I can go on and on! What I would like to say is that a trip like this can only prove and show our supporters, and non-supporters that we are here and that we are here to be successful!

I have asked my coworkers that attended the bus tour, the Straw Poll, or both to submit a quote on their experience. Here is what they had to say:

Iowa Ames rally supportersMike Rose, National Director of Grassroots: The time I spent on the bus touring Iowa proved to me that a vocal minority truly can make a difference.  Over a span of more than two weeks and 25 communities visited, FairTax staff and volunteers communicated to countless people who are ready for change.  I personally did not see, nor did I hear of anyone coming away from these events skeptical about the FairTax.  People who had never heard of our issue two weeks ago are now supporters.  In Iowa, people have an unusual opportunity to interact with the candidates running for the Presidency.  I have heard it said that many Iowans see these men and women vying to fill the most powerful office in the world so many times that the candidates actually remember their names.  The amazing thing is, not only do the candidates talk to these average Iowans over and over again, but they listen to what they say. 

Iowa Ames rally - all speakers on stageKen Hoagland, National Communications Director: In Iowa we have seen the excitement that the FairTax generates and the possibility that real people can drive public policy. It is a validation of the lessons we learned in civics class that this can be a government of, by and for the people. Iowans are tuned in to the power of the electorate to change the course of the nation.

Sean Matula, Grassroots Coordinator: Iowans have more say per capita in who will be the next President of the United States than almost any other state in the union. It was a pleasure to be there and see them exercising that power; it was a thrill to see them embrace the FairTax.

Ames Straw Poll Rep. Linder speakingJosh Sanders, Grassroots Coordinator: Being in Iowa for a month away from home at first was a difficult task in itself.  The hours of preparation and planning for the bus tour and Straw Poll seemed like they would never end.  Seeing the results at Straw Poll and making an impact for the Fair Tax on a national stage made it all worth while.

John Nothdurft, Press Coordinator: I enjoyed meeting all the friendly people all across the state of Iowa the most. Talking to the broad spectrum of Iowan’s reminded me that “we the people” can make a difference and that the FairTax is welcomed by people of all walks of life.

Iowa Ames rally - tent full of supportersKay Morton, Director of Quality Assurance: We got up before the crack of dawn, got to the FairTax tent at 6:00 a.m., and worked all day in the blistering heat amid crowds of tired, sweaty people (some of them being us!), but it was all worth it.

Heather Buchanan, Grassroots Coordinator: I was so excited to be a part of the FairTax events and the Straw Poll.  It was great to see the excitement people had for the FairTax.  It was exciting to see our supporters and volunteers in Iowa and those that traveled from all over the US to participate.  

Aaron Schutte, Grassroots Coordinator: One of the things that stuck out the most to me was right in the middle of the massive amounts of political campaigning, you could see supporters of every candidate wearing FairTax stickers and gear. These Republican Americans would also agree with their Democratic counterparts that we need to unite around the FairTax when we still disagree on other issues.

Kevin McCann, Intern: You’d think in a state covered by large fields of corn and the occasional soy bean patch, there wouldn’t be much excitement. However, the enthusiasm Iowans have for politics made the straw poll quite thrilling. All of the people I met (whether they were FairTax supporters or otherwise) were engaged and enthusiastic, restoring my faith in the democratic process.

Of course, a special thanks to all of our supporters for coming out and helping with both the bus tour and the Straw Poll. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my “thoughts from the road” and I look forward to writing many more!

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati


Blog 11

Hey FairTaxers,

Ames Straw Poll ferris wheel and balloonGuess what tomorrow is! Oh yes, it’s Straw Poll…what we’ve all been anxiously waiting for!

Josh Sanders, Grassroots Coordinator has sent me an update on our last bus tour event! As sad as I am that I missed the third and final week of the bus tour, I’m very excited about Straw Poll!

Here it is:

“We stopped at the Clinton Lumberkings game that Friday night and the general manager, Ted Tornow, was a great help to us.  He let us park the bus right in front of the only entrance to the ball park and had out materials and information there in front of everyone.  Every single person that went to the ball park that night got some information about Fair Tax.  The stands and walkways at the park had people covered in our hats and t-shirts.  Clinton is a very big industry town that has had a lot of plant closures over the past couple of years.  We were able to drive home the benefits of the Fair Tax and what it would do for American jobs and industry; the people of Clinton loved it.  They even let me throw out the first pitch of the game and talked about Fair Tax several times over the loud speaker and radio. It was one of our best events, I think!”

Well FairTax supporters, that’s a great way to end the bus tour. I think we have had major success and I can’t wait for an even bigger success tomorrow! We’ll talk soon. :o)

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati
(and Josh Sanders)


Blog 10

Fellow FairTaxers,

Iowa straw poll - FairTax tableAgain, I have been working on the Straw Poll so here is today’s report, submitted by John Nothdurft, Press Coordinator and Josh Sanders, Grassroots Coordinator.

“In Washington, we were right in the central city park where all the downtown businesses were.  We had several people come by on their lunch break and take some time to discuss the issue with us.  Once again the Fair Tax prevailed and the people of Washington were on board with the idea.  I happened to run into one man and his wife in the park who were just passing by.  I saw them looking over at us so I decided to walk over and say hello.  The man and his wife were on vacation from Arizona, and had just been passing through when they saw our bus.  He and his coworkers have an ongoing debate over the FairTax versus the flat tax and he said that he doesn’t have a complete understanding of the FairTax and wanted to learn more.  I talked with him for about thirty minutes about the differences between the flat tax and the FairTax and pointed out the benefits of our system.  His eyes were lighting up the whole time and when we were done he was thrilled that he now had the ability and knowledge to win the argument in his office and couldn’t wait to get back to work to prove everyone wrong and talk about the Fair Tax.” Josh Sanders

FairTax bus and supporters on capitol stepsSecond event:

“Muscatine was our best showing yet. We were on the coast of the Mississippi River and had a gorgeous site. Had both the newspaper and radio station there here’s the story: http://www.muscatinejournal.com/articles/2007/08/11/news/doc46bc7be6b4007214520418.txt 
Although it says 40 people I would say it was closer to 75 people who came.  I spoke with one old lady who mentioned her support for Hillary. She asked me about the FairTax and was very interested in it especially when I told her that if she sold her house she wouldn’t have to pay any taxes on the revenue she earned from it. I mentioned to her that many democrats shy away from our plan at first because they have been taught to think that no matter what a national sales tax is regressive and I said when you talk to your family about this remember to explain the prebate to them. She said she would and that she thought her democratic family would definitely be in favor of the proposal. She took shirts and information for all 7 kids. I told her if she ever got the opportunity that she should tell Hillary of her support for the FairTax.” John Nothdurft

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati
(along with John Nothdurft and Josh Sanders)



Blog 9

Hey FairTaxers!

Iowa state fair parade - FairTax marchersThat was definitely exciting, I just got home from the Iowa State Fair Parade; it was super cool! We had a few minor glitches but they were all out of our control. Like, for example, Mother Nature wasn’t on our (or the parade’s) side…it rained before, during and after the parade; we were completely drenched! Another glitch was that right before we started to walk, one of the parade officials came up to us and told us that we weren’t allowed to hand out anything—we were planning on giving away shirts and hats!

Okay, let’s not worry about all of that; overall we had a great response! We spoke to a good amount of people about the FairTax to which almost everybody had either heard about us, and were a supporter already or were semi-familiar with us and said they’d check the website out. As we were turning a corner, Congressman Duncan Hunter (a FairTax co-sponsor and Presidential candidate) stopped us, called over his photographer and snapped a picture with us! As we were walking, little kiddos kept making the sign for the bus to honk the horn—you know, where you raise your first up in the air and pull down a couple times—and then they’d cover their ears; haha, it was cute!

Iowa state fair parade - kid in wagonJust a few minutes ago I ran into a coworker, Aaron Schutte, Grassroots Coordinator, who said that he was in the hotel’s gym, turned the television on and at with perfect timing, the parade was on a local news channel and the FairTax parade crew, with the bus, was being announced! Our presence was a total hit! :o)

Okay, in the morning, we had an event in Sigourney and Josh Sanders, Grassroots Coordinator sent his report:

“There were about 20 people or so in this small town. We ran into someone who was an avid supporter of the government not taxing the people at all.  He came with several arguments that the federal government has no right to tax us period, and the Fair Tax is doing nothing to solve that.  After getting a chance to debate the issue with the man and him getting a chance to hear my presentation, he became a Fair Tax supporter.  He even took 5 yard signs with him and tons of information to spread around to his friends on the issue.”

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati
(and Josh Sanders)


Blog 8

Hello hello,

Well, like I’ve told you, I’m working on Straw Poll so I have asked Josh Sanders, Grassroots Coordinator, to give us his “thoughts from the road.”

Here is what he said:

“Our first stop on week three was in Marengo.  The third week of the bus tour was across Eastern Iowa, a predominantly Democrat area in the state.  There were about thirty people there, from small business owners, to bankers and wage earners.  I talked to one small business owner of a flower shop on the town square before the program began.  He wasn’t able to attend our event because he has no other employees to work his shop.  I started talking to him about the benefits of the Fair Tax to small business owners like himself and he was sold on the idea.  He said he once had other employees at his shop but because of the employee payroll tax and other taxes on his business, he couldn’t afford to hire any help.  He wanted to expand his business but feels like when he tries to, the Federal Government and our current tax system penalizes him for trying to be more productive.  He was sold on the Fair Tax after I explained how it would specifically help him and other small businesses.  I gave him a bunch of information that he said he would give out at the chamber of commerce meeting next week and he wanted to become a huge advocate of the Fair Tax.”

“Our second stop was in Oskaloosa where we had any where between 30-40 people who were very interested in the Fair Tax.  In fact, almost the whole group signed up to attend the Straw Poll.  We were able to sign up a district director and further our efforts to form a grassroots network in the state of Iowa.”

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati
(and Josh Sanders)


Blog 7

Hi again, FairTax supporters!

GOP debate Des Moines Iowa 4 candiatesToday has definitely been our best day yet! Not only were we successful at our two stops but I received a call afterwards from Mike Rose, National Grassroots Director, letting me know that our presence at the GOP debate this morning was very apparent! In case you missed it, host George Stephanopolous, asked each candidate a FairTax question to which their answers can lead us to safely assume that we are making this an issue that they have to deal with! And, by the way, a big thanks to all of our supporters across the nation for helping make this happen; we couldn’t do it without you! Not only did they ask a FairTax question, but they explained the issue to the viewers, while posting our bullet points on the big screen…and that’s not all, our website was also mentioned! Before the debate, we had our big “movie premiere” of the S.C. rally video playing in the movie theater across the street, with our bus parked right in front of Drake University for all to see! It was great!

So, let me tell you about today’s events! This morning we went to Ida Grove from Sioux City. I thought it was going to be a rough day because as two gentlemen walked up to the site, one of them threw his hands in the air and started yelling negatively about the FairTax. One of our volunteers, Mrs. Baker, turned to me and said me, “Oh no, here’s the flat taxer I told you about.” I didn’t even know how to prepare myself, haha. He sat down and he immediately said, “This can’t be accurate! I want to see the FairTax proposal! Who has the proposal? I need to see it!” I’m sure you active folks have seen this before and not to stereotype them, but these guys can be so difficult to talk to because they continuously interrupt you. As he started going off on us, an older man chimed in and started bashing the FairTax. I should have taken a picture of this, it was almost humorous from the outside looking in because we were surrounded by skeptics! Their arguments were mostly business-related tax questions to which John and Sean did a great job answering. End result: we converted two flat taxers into FairTaxers!

After Ida Grove, we made our way into Correctionville where Ray Hoffman, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, kindly invited us and Governor Mike Huckabee with his family and staff over for a nice dinner on his personal property. Everybody there already supported the FairTax so it was smooth sailing. Local ABC news came out to film Governor Huckabee, as well as Communications Director, Ken Hoagland. We finally got a home cooked meal, and it was fabulous. There was even a watermelon with “FairTax” carved into it! After great conversations and with our bellies full, we got on the bus for our three-hour drive back into Des Moines.

Today was a great way to end our second week! I won’t be writing until Wednesday, August 8th after we walk in the Iowa State Fair Parade. I’m excited! It’s my first parade! :o)

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati

Blog 6

 Hi FairTaxers!

Angie Choueifati and the FairTax busWell, today actually turned out better than expected. We started the morning off by having to cancel our first event in Humboldt because of  bad weather but, luckily, it wasn’t the way the day continued. We held our next event in Ft. Dodge, a get together with lunch at Karl King Park. For a predominately Democratic town and bad weather, we had a good amount of people show up! I know that FairTax is nonpartisan but when all you see is Republicans backing your issue, you start to really wonder why Democrats don’t support it. Some people will tell you, “If the Republicans like it, the Democrats won’t, hands down.” Well, I’ve noticed quite the opposite here in Iowa. I’ve talked to many people on this trip and most of the time, the Democratic supporters will kindly remind me that they are “a Democrat and I support FairTax…” I think it’s great that they're willing to make a stand but at the same time, it’s frustrating that, by supporting the FairTax, they feel like they stand out from the rest of their party. As I was handing out shirts, a woman came up to me and gave me her spiel on being a Democrat. She said that she’s heard of the FairTax but wanted to come and really learn more about it. I explained the major points to her and how beneficial it would be to our country. She completely agreed and wished us the best of luck. This was an older lady, her last line to me was, “I hope I see this pass in my lifetime.” So do we, ma’am!

We just left our last event for the day, a gathering at Rockwell City’s city park. The night started off by talking to these folks one on one over dinner about the FairTax. John Nothdurft, Press Coordinator, and I ate with one of the editors from their local paper. She told us that she was a supporter of the issue and appreciated us taking the time to come to their town. An older lady joined us and told us that she was a “true Republican” and that she thought the FairTax “is just what we need.” She and I left the table to threw away our dinner plates and as we were walking back, she grabbed my hand and said, “Miss, that lady we were sitting with is a huge Democrat. This town is full of them. I’d be surprised if she writes an article about you. She never writes about Republican issues.” I reminded her that FairTax is nonpartisan. She then asked me, “When do you think this is going to pass?” Well guys, let’s see, how do you answer that question? I’m sure many of you have been asked this before. I simply told her that once we have enough co-sponsors on the bill, have a vigorous grassroots movement and we’re a dominating issue, we’ll be a lot closer.

Alrighty, we’re about to arrive at the hotel, so I’m going to “sign off.” I tried to take a different approach with today’s blog since some people have requested more of the “what are people saying” and less of the “froufrou.” You know, after going back and reading this entry, I’d title this one, “FairTax: we really are nonpartisan.” :o)

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati

Blog 5

Hello, hello!

Well, it’s Friday and what an excellent Friday it’s been! We left Marshalltown around 10:30 a.m. and arrived in Hampton around noon where we held a local luncheon at Bandshell Park. I thought our best turn-out was yesterday but I’ve been proven wrong—today was the best turn out yet and I hope they continue to enhance!

Iowa bus tour - Mike Huckabee speaking to crowdGovernor Mike Huckabee attended our event today, with his daughter, Sarah and his aides. He spoke about the FairTax and once again, why everybody should support it. He also encouraged them to get on board by telling others and by contacting their Congressmen. One of the attendees was so excited about the issue that he said he would sign on as a Community Coordinator. His story, told by Josh Sanders, is a good one: he was a business owner and was audited by the IRS where they incorrectly found him guilty of tax evasion. They went into his checking account and withdrew more money than was allotted; he ended up having to close his business and has still not received his money back from the IRS.

I sat by a lady who has nine children, yes, nine! Major props to her! She said that she homeschools all of them and is tired of having to pay ridiculous amounts of money to do so, along with paying for her neighbors to send their kids to school. She was there in support of the FairTax because of the benefits she would reap, not only with the prebate (she said she’s under the poverty level but still owed the IRS $500 this year!) but with education—because as you may or may not know, education isn’t taxed under the FairTax.

Ok, I think this may be the first time I’ve written my entry from my hotel room! After our event, we went through Clarion and Ft. Dodge, on our way to Webster City and visited some retail stops. We went into the local shops, restaurants, etc. and handed out some of our shirts, hats and literature. We spoke to some locals who weren’t too familiar with the FairTax and they said they would definitely read about it! One lady told me that when some people talk about tax reform, they get nervous and honestly don’t think things will ever change. She also said that she will start to tell her friends about the FairTax because she thinks we may have a chance---hear that guys, we have a chance…nothing new, we all know that!

Ok, we hit the road at 7:30 a.m. so I’m going to get some work done and then try to get some rest. Talk…well, you’ll read and I’ll write…tomorrow! :o)

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati

PS-I received word today that I’ll be helping finalize the Straw Poll event details next week, so Sunday will be my last night to blog. I’ll then pass my “pen” to John Nothdurft, Press Coordinator, for next week’s tour.

Blog 4

Hey there, fellow FairTaxers!

Today was the start of our second week of the Dare to be Fair Iowa bus tour. I know that you’ve been anticipating my blogs (haha) but I think I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll do so again, Monday through Wednesday are our “office days” where we finalize details for the upcoming week and that’s why you haven’t heard from me.

Day 5 bus tour_6So, this morning started off with a nice drive from Des Moines to Grundy Center for a picnic lunch. Once we got to Grundy Center, we picked up Presidential Candidate, Governor Mike Huckabee, with daughter Sarah and a couple of his aides. When he got on the bus, we showed him our South Carolina rally video (by the way, he’s in it!)…he really enjoyed it. He then proceeded to talk about how he became a supporter of the FairTax--by simply reading the book, twice. As all of you know, he’s one of our biggest supporters! When we got there, we had many people already enjoying their lunch while Governor Huckabee was introduced by FairTax’ Iowa State Director, Mark Lucas. Governor Huckabee explained the FairTax and why he supports it, and why they should support it. This guy was very perplexed by the fact that with the FairTax in place, corporations wouldn’t have to pay taxes—he couldn’t understand why companies “like GM aren’t on board.” It was great to see a supporter come about right in front of our eyes! Just like usual, we asked the attendees to produce their commercial on why they don’t like the IRS in our video booth; we had a great turn out—even the Governor made one!

Day 5 bus tourOk, we just left our second and last stop for the day: Eldora, Iowa. This was a nice event, with our best turn-out yet. We had Eldora Mayor Bob Jeske with his wife, City councilwoman, Rebecca Jeske, State Representative Poly Granznow and Hardin County GOP Chairman Andy Cable. Mark Lucas spoke to the crowd about the FairTax, where they all seemed to be very excited about the issue. There was this one guy, had a daughter and several of her friends with her, who couldn’t “relax” about the issue. He kept telling them, “No girls, you just don’t understand how great this is!!” As he walked away, one of the girls said to her friend, “Okay, okay, I’ll support the FairTax!” It was great. Eldora thanked us numerous amounts of times for our hospitality and appreciated us stopping by.

I don’t want to leave out Sean Matula, Josh Sanders, and volunteers for advancing to these sites and getting things ready for the bus and its members! We couldn’t do it without y’all!

Oh, I told you last week that I had a story to share with you! Our bus’ home is in Nashville, TN and in order for the bus to get here on time, John Eperson had to start driving later in the day, meaning he didn’t get to see the bus in daylight. Well, as he was driving up here, people kept honking at him and he wasn’t sure why…he starts to think that he may have a problem with the bus- you know, a flat or a broken taillight. Well, when he got to Iowa, he did a quick look at the bus from all angles and noticed that on the back of the bus it reads, “HONK if you want to keep your whole paycheck!” That just goes to show you that we’re not the only ones wanting this to pass! We all thought that was a great story!

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati

PS-We’ve gone almost 1,800 miles on this tour! Go FairTax!

Blog 3

Good afternoon y’all!

This bus tour just keeps getting better and better everyday! I hope that my diary is giving you a sense of what we’re doing, who we’re meeting and how successful this has been so far…I hope you feel like you’re actually on for the ride!

Rep. Steve King speaking about the FairTaxSo, right now I’m sitting on the bus with a few of my closest bus tour buddies: David Polyansky, Mike Rose, Ken Hoagland, Steve Leroy and our bus driver, John Eperson. I must admit, these guys are great to travel with! It’s late Sunday afternoon, we just finished providing lunch for Spencer citizens at the Spencer Community Theatre, Congressman Steve King was with us again, along with District Representative, Brian English. This was a cute little theatre!



Rep. Steve King greeting dinersAs I was eating my lunch with some Spencer locals, they were telling me that they think the FairTax was a great idea and really appreciated us stopping by their (small) town, providing more information with lunch and frankly, just recognizing them. It’s amazing how these Presidential candidates claim to care about these small towns but hardly ever stop by, even to say hi… actions definitely speak louder than words and that’s exactly why we’re doing this bus tour. We want these small town folks to know that they are just as important as anybody else. Ok, I’ll get off my soap box!


Ken Hoagland greeting IowansAlright, last night’s event at the Plymouth County Fair was fabulous! We pulled the bus up right on to the fairgrounds where people got to come sign up with us—as a supporter or to attend the Straw Poll with us. They also, of course, received information, shirts and hats…once again, we were a complete hit! After talking to attendees for a while, David, Mike and I decided to adventure into the fair. Mike was basically our fabulous tour guide since he’s from Idaho, another farm state! This was David’s first fair so he was pretty much as excited as I was a couple of days ago at my first fair! I even snapped a picture of him about to kiss a goat…please don’t tell his pet dog, Toro, he’ll be really upset! Haha. After venturing out with the farm animals, we decided to try our luck at Bingo! This I couldn’t believe but, it was your very own Chief Operating Officer, David’s first time to play Bingo! We played one round of regular Bingo, where none of us won, so we decided to stick around for the blackout Bingo game. I look over at David’s 4 cards and he’s got one space open, I-28. The next spot called was, you guessed it, I-28…as you can imagine an amateur, he’s hesitant to yell, “Bingo!” So, after I nudge him a couple of times on his leg and encourage him to yell “Bingo!” before anybody else does, he looks at me like I’m crazy and decides to finally shout it out! Sure enough, he wins and had to split the $75 jackpot with another winner, with a total prize of $37.50.

Well, we have about a 3 hour drive ahead of us back into Des Moines and I need to get back to working on some stuff, do a little goofing off with the boys on the bus and maybe even take a nap.

I don’t think you’ll be hearing from me until Thursday, August 2nd since Monday through Wednesday are our “office days” to finalize details on this week’s tour. Sorry for the lengthy entries…I don’t even think I should tell y’all that they’ll be shorter from now on because I doubt that! :o)

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati

PS-John Eperson, our bus driver, shared a very cute story with me about his trip bringing the bus up to Iowa from Tennessee but, since this is long enough, I’ll share that with y’all next time….it’ll give you something (else) to look forward to!

Blog 2

Hello again from the great state of Iowa!

Today’s been a great third day for the FairTax Bus Tour! The weather’s perfect around here, unlike Houston, it’s not what feels like 500 degrees with a 99% humidity! It’s only about high 80’s and less than 50% humidity; it’s great running-around weather!

Let’s start with last night’s event. We held our own mini-rally last night with some very enthusiastic supporters; it was in the nice town of Atlantic at their train station. If you ever get a chance to come to Iowa, make sure you stop by Atlantic, it’s the Coca Cola Capital of Iowa. FairTax Spokesman, Brian Kennedy always does a great job on stimulating the crowd when he speaks, he did just that at the train station. Just like the other events, we had a good handful of people submit a video on why they don’t like the IRS, along with signing up to attend the Straw Poll with FairTax! That concluded yesterday’s events…well, we did sneak on over to a casino after a debriefing meeting for some gambling action---in case you’re wondering, I lost…and no, I’m not telling you how much! :o)

FairTax bus and Iowa corn fieldThis morning started bright and early at 6:00 a.m with a beautiful scenic drive to Logan from Council Bluffs. For all of you who enjoy nature, you can only imagine the sunrise over corn fields and hills…absolutely beautiful. On our way to Logan, FairTax picked up Congressman Steve King with District Representative Brian English to greet the crowd at our breakfast picnic at Logan City Park. Chief Operating Officer, David Polyansky and Communications Director, Ken Hoagland were also on the FairTax bus to greet supporters at arrival. We were a hit…I don’t want to jinx anything but we’re pretty much on a roll here in Iowa. After our picnic, we headed over to Onowa to have a friendly “lunch with friends.” But before we got there, a few guys were waving us down in a small in-between town so we decided to stop and hand out some shirts and caps.

It was great to see such enthusiasm, two guys were following us around with smiles on their faces; they were our groupies! A guy at the farmer’s market told us, “I’m glad you guys are doing this, we need this!” After a stop into the pharmacy and a small café, we headed on over to lunch. We ate with Onowanian supporters, who provided a great brisket lunch, along with of course, Congressman King. It was a great, laid-back event…something I think we all enjoyed.

FairTax bus at ice cream capital of world, IowaAfter our lunch, we stopped at a Blue Bunny ice cream shop in Le Mars. This was by far my favorite event—and no, not because I got some yummy cotton candy ice cream (which, I may add—David Polyansky and Mike Rose both had a taste—they half-grinned and said “Mmmm” very sarcastically) but because we all sat together and ate ice cream, as if we had known Congressman King for years; he shared many great stories with us. It was definitely an experience to remember!



FairTax bus and Blue Bunny ice cream truckAlright alright, I know I said I’d have shorter diary entries but if you know me at all, it’s difficult to get me to quit talking! We’re on our way to the fair… I’ll do my best on writing less in tomorrow’s “thoughts from the road!”

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati




Blog 1
7/26 & 27/2007

Hey FairTaxers!

I just want to give a fair forewarning that this blog’s going to be my longest one—it consists of  two days of events!

FairTax bus in front of Iowa state capitolLike I said, today’s the second day of the Dare to be Fair FairTax Bus Tour across Iowa and it’s already been so great! This morning Steve Leroy, Mike Rose and I took off from Des Moines and headed over to Greenfield for the Adair County Fair. We showed them the (awesome) FairTax video from the South Carolina rally—they seemed to have really enjoyed it! If you haven’t seen this video, you’re in for a real treat! Our videographer, Mark Spear has done an amazing job; I look forward to the bus tour’s video already!


FairTax bus at courthouse plaza, Winterset, IAAs you may or may not know, we have fantastic advance groups including Sean Matula and Josh Sanders who have been here in Iowa setting up all of these events! This morning Josh and volunteers beat us up there a couple of hours before to make sure everything’s in place, set up our table of goodies, post up some FairTax yard signs, etc—you know, making it look great; well, FairTax looks great wherever we go! A special thanks to them!


FairTax bus tour - handing out promo itemsSo, at the fair this morning, we had many people sign up to attend the Straw Poll with us in Ames, Iowa! We also have the video-booth set up at each stop where attendees have a chance to win $500 just by submitting their video on why they don’t like the IRS! So, as you can imagine, people are all over that! Just like a fair, there were chickens, rabbits, cows, goats and all sorts of animals! I was raised in metropolitan Houston where there aren’t too many animals, other than pets, running around so it was all very new to me. Very cool I must say!


FairTax bus in front of county courthouse, Winterset, IAOk, now let me tell you about last night’s event! We went to Madison County’s Lawn Chair Night where we picked up State Representative Jodi Tymeson on the way—what a sweet lady! When we got there, our advance team had already had our table set up of goodies, which of course, as always, was a hit! We, again, had many people submit their video as well as sign up for the Straw Poll! My personal favorite was this kiddo, about 10 or 12 years old—he walked into the videbooth and started to explain why he doesn’t like the IRS—he mentioned that his parents had lots of papers and worked on their tax return for 4 to 5 days; it was super cute! We are well on our way!

Well, I’m going to go ahead and end this diary since typing on a bus isn’t the best way to prevent motion sickness, haha! We are headed over to our third stop—the FairTax: Dare to be Fair rally in downtown Atlantic, Iowa!

I look forward to writing in my diary tomorrow; I hope you enjoyed my “thoughts from the road” today!

With FairTax love,
Angie Choueifati