Stop Lying About the FairTax!

Stop Lying

To counter the avalanche of misinformation in races in Georgia, Montana, Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota, and elsewhere, has organized a concentrated effort to appear on radio talk shows, to place guest editorials, and to send letters to the editor. We have also asked FairTax supporters to challenge candidates and incumbents to support the FairTax legislation and to stop distortions to the voting public.


We have made progress. FairTax supporters have appeared on scores of shows, in interviews, and in guest editorials in affected areas. But these efforts are hardly adequate, given the resources being devoted by some campaigns to grossly distort the FairTax proposal. Therefore, has placed full page ads entitled "Stop lying about the FairTax" in selected newspapers from Nebraska to Georgia this Sunday. Everywhere we can, we must tell people to "Stop lying about the FairTax!"

View the Stop Lying About the FairTax ad (PDF)