Where's the Beef?


FairTax supporters have recently encouraged us to take a different approach to the Congressional Scorecard in measuring support for tax reform in general and the FairTax in particular.  The grass roots have asked their representatives and senators to support the FairTax.  The typical congressional response to these inquiries and letters is generally supportive of tax reform and certain elements of the FairTax Plan.  Often, these congressmen are quick to add that they also favor elements of other proposals pending before the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees.

In the past, responses supportive of tax reform seemed encouraging.  In light of the mandate for reform issued on Election Day 2006 and the overwhelming support the American people have for true tax reform, we consider these to be fence-sitting responses that reflect hollow, meaningless, and noncommittal positions.

Thus, Members of Congress, especially those who sit on the tax-writing committees, should be held to a new standard in determining their support for fundamental tax replacement and the FairTax.  We are determined to take this approach because the time has come for Members all Members to begin seriously considering true tax replacement.  For a Member to make noncommittal statements about tax reform without advocating a specific plan of reform, in reality, makes him or her no more than an advocate of the current system.  It is no longer enough for Members of Congress to state the obvious:  “The system is broken and needs repair.”  We all know that.  Now they must be specific with regard to the types of reform they will actually advocate and support.  Otherwise they are no more than defenders of the status quo, ignoring the will of the American people.

Our objective is that the fence-sitting majority endorse the FairTax Plan.  Short of this support, our hope is that they would choose a true tax reform plan in order to elevate the debate to the top of the domestic political agenda.  We are confident that the FairTax Plan will win any debate regarding the best alternative to the current tax code.

In the future, we will no longer ask Members to support tax reform.  The question to Members of the tax writing panels must be:  “Where’s your plan?”  To other representatives and senators, the question must be:  “What plan do you support?”  Continued support of a vague concept of reform without support of a specific plan is really nothing more than support for the current complex, corrupt, and loophole-riddled tax code.

FairTax Central
D.C. Strategy Team