Try this at home!


I think this is an exciting time for all of us. I have always been a fan of a FairTax, flat tax, etc. About a year and a half ago following some publicity on television (most likely Fox News), I purchased a copy of Congressman Linder's book The FairTax Book. Wow! What a dream come true.

I have always stood up for lower taxes, attending local meetings and talking to our elected officials. But now I am real serious.
When Congressman Ed Whitfield announced he would be holding a town hall meeting here in Paducah, Kentucky, I felt it was time that I had an opportunity to speak with him face to face about the FairTax. On occasion, when given the chance with his field representative, I have always passed along the thought of giving a tax break to hardworking people who are being punished for trying to be successful.

I went to the meeting at our local community college, where a crowd of approximately 60 people attended. The questions ranged from immigration to jobs. Then it was my turn. When I first stood up I asked him if he was familiar with HR 25. Seeing the kind of puzzled look on his face I said, “It is the bill that Georgia Congressman Linder has sponsored.” He commented something to the effect of that being a tax issue.

We discussed the matter further. Then I asked him if he thought the bill would have a chance to pass and he said, “Honestly, no.” And he then stated that there is public sentiment for simplifying the tax code, and that should be the focus of Congress.

I then thanked him for his time. The meeting was soon dismissed. I wasn't out of my seat before people began coming up to me wanting to know more. One even told me that he had sent Congressman Whitfield, Senator Mitch McConnnell, and Senator Jim Bunning copies of The FairTax Book. Once I left the meeting room in the lobby of the school, more people came up to me asking for information about the FairTax issue. Even in the middle of the Paducah Sun newspaper reporter's interview, several people came up to me wanting information.

That afternoon, I downloaded the sample letters from the Web site and wrote an e-mail to many of my friends and business associates encouraging them to write letters to the congressman and senators. Many of them responded that they would send their letters.

After I received a call the next week from Aaron Schutte at FairTax Central informing me that Congressman Whitfield had signed on as a co-sponsor, I called the congressman's field representative here in Paducah, David Mast, to thank the congressman for co-sponsoring the bill with Congressman Linder.

In response to the question, “Do you think asking him at that meeting directly correlated to him signing on to the bill?” I would have to say yes.

Congressman Linder even said in his radio interview last weekend on Sandy Springs Radio that Congressman Whitfield said that it had come up in a town hall meeting.

I will be sending another e-mail out to my friends to encourage them to write a letter to thank Congressman Whitfield for signing on to HR 25.

We will continue to contact our two senators to sign on to the Senate side of the bill.

I wear my “Make It Just Another Day” button as much as I can and have taken it off many times to give it to someone who wanted one. I even gave one to Senator McConnell's field representative the other day at an event. (I have placed another order for more.)

In the near future, we plan to organize a meeting and some special events to help educate the public on the FairTax.


Terry L. Schmitt