Get Ready to Rally!


The day that American taxpayers dread is rapidly coming upon us! We are planning our annual post office rallies on tax day and we need your commitment to make this a success! This is a great chance to "see and be seen" by those rushing to file last-minute returns, and the rallies have proven a sure way to garner both press and public attention.
Tax day this year is April 17th, and we already have more than 30 post office rallies being planned in 16 states! We would like for you to play an important role in these events as an active volunteer! This is a fun, easy, and effective way to draw the attention of everyday Americans who are in the process of turning over their hard earned wages the perfect audience for the FairTax message!
With a host of presidential candidates crisscrossing the nation looking for public support, this year is particularly important. Their campaign trails provide us with wonderful opportunities to catapult the FairTax to the center of the national stage. Help us put our issue in the minds of every taxpayer especially on tax day, April 17th.

If you have already sent us an email saying you want to rally, there's no need to register again. If you have not already sent us an email, please register here and let us know if you can participate in a rally, or want to organize one in a new location. We will provide you with organization instructions, materials, and the names of other volunteers in your area. Register now! 

Thank you for your enthusiastic support; together we can make the FairTax a reality!