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Our Web site provides access to a multitude of information that will help you in your efforts to serve as a FairTax advocate. Within this section you will find tips on contacting Congress, as well as the media. We recognize that a lot of you are new to this type of activity, so we’ve also provided sample letters. Please use these letters as a frame of reference, but make your correspondence individualized and personal. Heartfelt letters are much more effective than mass produced copies. Another tool available for raising support is the Internet. With its flexibility, instant access and cost effectiveness, the possibilities for Web promotion abound. In addition, we have various promotional items available through our online catalog in the Take Action section that will also help you spread the word about FairTax.

The tagline is a short, accurate description of FairTax that can be used in your correspondence, flyers, or other materials.

FairTax Talking Points (PDF)
The Talking Points are an outline of the basic information to be included in a 15-minute presentation.

Event Checklist
Here are some tips to help you hold a successful meeting or event.

Contacting the Media
Here are some sample letters and tips for contacting local and national media or participating in radio talk shows.

Contacting Congress
Elected government officials were elected to represent you - let your elected officials know you support the FairTax. These tips and sample letters will help you do so.

Web Promotion Tools
Show your support and spread the word about FairTax by placing a FairTax banner on your web site or adding a footer to your email messages

Printable Handouts

  A Better Solution Ad

- Jumper Cables Ad - Color | B&W

FairTax Flyer

- Bird Watcher's Ad

Three Person Signup Sheet

Recommended Detail Handouts 

Thumbnail Sketch

- The Prebate Explained - Full | 1 page handout

Fundamentals and Facts

Taxing Sales Under the FairTax: What Rate Works?

FairTax vs the Flat Income Tax

Additional Website Resources

  FairTax Friday Archive

FairTax Logos

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Research Section


Tax Terms Glossary