Add a FairTax Banner to Your Web Page & More!

Show your support for the FairTax campaign by putting one of these electronic banners on your web page. Don't have a web page? These images can also be added to your signature on message boards, posted on MySpace pages, and more! Membership rules vary so check the guidelines or talk to a moderator of any message boards/forums you are member of to learn if posting images in signatures is allowed and how they should be added. 

To save these images to your computer, right click on the image and select "Save Picture As..." (in Internet Explorer browser) or "Save Image As..." (in FireFox browser).


FairTax logo 2007 - 200x60

(size 200 x 60)

FairTax logo 2007 - 250x78

(size 250 x 78)


  FairTax logo 2007 - 300x90

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Sample Email Footer

Show your support for the FairTax by adding a footer like the examples below to your email messages! Don't forget to link back to this web site so people can learn more about the FairTax.

I proudly support The FairTax!

Keep your paycheck, not the IRS!

April 15th - Make it Just Another Day.

I believe workers should keep their whole paychecks, don't you?