How You Can Join the FairTax Network

Want to make a difference? Want to help make the FairTax a reality? Then join one of the many online groups that are promoting the FairTax today.

Join the fight! FairTaxers all over the country have come together online to form a grassroots network of hundreds of Web sites, social network groups, mailing lists, blogs and more.

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To help you get started, we've assembled some of the most active state, national sites and social networking sites below. Except for the Groups, these sites and groups aren't affiliated with but they still have some great content and lots of activity where you can show your support.

We're still building our full list of FairTax sites and are always looking for more entries. So if you manage a FairTax site, please send an email to Thank you!


State FairTax Websites

Local FairTax Clubs

Other FairTax Websites