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Huckabee explains resonance of FairTax - smaller


Sen. McCain: Why does the FairTax have so much resonance?

During the GOP debate in Boca Raton, FL, John McCain asks Mike Huckabee to address the criticism that the FairTax is regressive, and wonders why so many people support it.



Gov. Huckabee on FairTax and Social Security


Mike Huckabee: the FairTax solves the Social Security problem

During the GOP debate in Boca Raton, FL, Mike Huckabee describes how the FairTax fixes the Social Security problem.



Dare To Be Fair II Rally - people on tent stage


Iowa Straw Poll and Dare To Be Fair II Rally

Hundreds of FairTax supporters were joined by supporters of the different GOP presidential candidates in Ames, IA on August 11, for the Dare To Be Fair II Rally and the traditional Iowa Straw Poll.



frame grab from bus tour video


On the road

The FairTax bus has been roaming all over Iowa for the past month. Here is a capsule of video highlights.



Dare To Be Fair army of supporters


Dare To Be Fair Rally video

Over 8000 FairTax supporters turned out in Columbia, SC in May to help make the FairTax an issue at the GOP presidential primary debate.

For more from the rally, click here.


FairTax senior strategist Denis Calabrese
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Frequently Asked Questions about the FairTax

FairTax senior strategist, Denis Calabrese, answers 53 of the most frequently asked questions about the FairTax. Click here to go to the list of questions.



John McCain & Mike Huckabee
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John McCain and Mike Huckabee on the FairTax

John McCain at a Town Hall Meeting in Waukee, IA, answers a FairTax question.
Mike Huckabee addresses the crowd at the Dare To Be Fair Rally in Columbia, SC, ahead of the second GOP Presidential Debate.


FairTax Jack is back - thumbnail


FairTax Jack is Back!

FairTax Jack is riding high again, and he's coming to a town near you...


FairTax Jack rips the tax code -110 px
FairTax Jack rips the tax code!

Politicians may argue all day long, but true tax reform is no myth.
Podcast - Prof. Laurence J. Kotlikoff

With dramatic increases in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security looming on the budget horizon, is the solvency of the United States at risk? And what can be done to avoid a fiscal crisis?
In this podcast, Prof. Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, discusses the threat of growing U.S. entitlement spending, options for spending reform, and the economics of the "FairTax" tax reform plan (14 minutes, 52 seconds). Please scroll about half-way down the page to find the Kotlikoff podcast.