Tribute to Mr. John Berthoud 

John Berthoud, late President of the National Taxpayers UnionSeptember 28, 2007

The chairman and founder of Americans For Fair Taxation today marked with sadness the untimely death of Mr. John Berthoud, who has headed the National Taxpayers Union since 1997 and who passed away last night.

"Mr. Berthoud was a tireless advocate for a better tax system and for a more rational and honest approach to collecting federal taxes for the common good,” said Leo Linbeck, chairman and founder of Americans For Fair Taxation. “We join the rest of the nation in our sadness that a fine individual, a fierce advocate, and a voice of reason has been lost.”

“John Berthoud helped us in our efforts to see enactment of the FairTax to replace the broken income tax system,” said Linbeck. “He was always ready with good advice and sound reasoning, and he will be missed. Our sincere sympathy goes to his family and to all who knew him and his work.”