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Tax reform is currently being debated throughout the country in general terms, as well as specific, issue-driven discussions.  More often than not, these debates garner media attention that spurs a flurry of letters to the editor or opinion editorials in support of the FairTax.  These commentaries come not only from our team of staff and volunteers, but also from independent economists, businessmen, and politicians who have studied the FairTax plan and recognize its validity.  Some of these opinion pieces are broad in nature, some of them speak to a very specific issue, but they all make strong arguments for the FairTax and can serve as excellent tutorials for advocates who find themselves with an opportunity to speak up!

Commentary & Opinion Archive:

09/14/2004 Getting to Yes on a National Sales Tax Kotlikoff
01/15/1903 The working man’s tax reform Martin and Van Hoy
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