Sunrise in D.C. with the FairTax bus

FairTax bus at U.S. Capitol
Our FairTax efforts in New Hampshire constituted another huge success for our “primary strategy.” The FairTax bus -- which many of you have generously helped fund -- had a large presence, we had yet another FairTax question asked at a national debate, and the national media is really starting to warm up to our issue and momentum. Our time in New Hampshire further proves that the FairTax is now asserting itself as one of the key domestic policy issues of this year’s political process.

FairTax bus at IRS Building

We decided to make a minor detour on the bus’s journey from New Hampshire to South Carolina briefly stopping in Washington, D.C. I am sure many of our “friends” on K Street and in Congress were thrilled to see our presence in their backyard. Not only did we make a brief stop at the Capitol, but we also decided to visit our friends at the Internal Revenue Service!

<< IRS Building)

Once again, thank you for your continued support and for helping us keep the FairTax bus moving across America. It will be visiting South Carolina and Florida over the next week keep your eyes out for a visit to your state soon.

The FairTax Team