Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma becomes latest FairTax co-sponsor!

State Director Bill Harrington tells how the grassroots in Oklahoma helped make this happen.

OK Republican Conv07-FairTax tableThanks to the support of our local team and the efforts of the D.C. crew, having Sen. Inhofe co-sponsor the FairTax Act put the icing on the cake. There is no real magic in how this was accomplished. The Oklahoma FairTax leaders looked for every opportunity to spread the good news about something that could make the life of every American better than it is right now.

One of the first things was to spread the word that, contrary to popular belief, senators and congressmen are the employees of all of us. As the employer, it is our responsibility to ensure that we communicate to those employees the kind of job we would like them to do. One of the things that was used at our several events where we were collecting petition signatures was to hand out the “Easy things to make FairTax a reality” and suggest that it was necessary to write, call, or fax (or use all three if you would like) their congressman and senators at least one time a week until they became co-sponsors of HR 25/S 1025. At every turn, state FairTax leadership (SDs, DDs, and CCs) continued to ask the FairTax volunteers to put the pressure on their political representatives. We even had volunteers writing and calling congressmen outside of their districts.

OK Republican Conv07-delegatesThe above was productive, but we found that the best results occurred when we were able to attend town hall meetings. When this occurred, we showed up in FairTax T-shirts, carried FairTax signs, and asked leading questions of the congressman or senator. During the last political break, it was reported that all town hall meetings had at least one FairTax representative who asked questions. But at several of those meetings, 30 to 35 percent of the town hall audience were in FairTax shirts. If other states would like to follow this, just publish the town hall schedules and get volunteers in their shirts to attend, but leave the questions to someone from that district unless no one from the district is available. This happened to us in a 3rd district meeting, and I asked the questions as the State Director.

The FairTax volunteers of Oklahoma are proud of the fact that we have both Oklahoma senators, the only Democrat congressman, and a Republican congressman signed on as co-sponsors. We have established a goal for 2007 to get the three remaining congressmen to become co-sponsors. You always get more accomplished when you establish specific goals for whatever you are undertaking. We are on the downhill side on this one, but I can assure you that we are not coasting; the pedal is still to the metal.

Bill Harrington
OK State Director