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Call to Action!


National Call to Action


Campaign season is an opportunity for FairTax advocates


Wear FairTax garb, be prepared with FairTax materials, and exercise your constitutional right to question those who would represent you in Congress.


The time in the political process when politicians and would-be politicians are the most sensitive to public opinion is during the final weeks of campaign season.  In every state candidates are asking for public support in senatorial and congressional races and this is the very best time to ask them for support of the FairTax.  It is also a prime time to challenge gross distortions of the issue by some campaigns.  Election Day can also be an excellent time to talk with other voters who are thinking about issues and let them know how the FairTax can help the nation.


1. Campaign events:  Between now and Election Day visit campaign events, ask questions, and challenge candidates of all parties to support the FairTax.


2. On Election Day:  Be at local polling places and distribute FairTax materials while carefully observing distance restrictions from polling places and avoiding declaring support for any specific candidate.


3. Challenge distortions by candidates and campaigns:  Be polite but firm, avoid direct attacks on any candidate, but challenge distortions of the FairTax at campaign events, to friends and colleagues, and in letters to the editor.


FairTax candidate/campaign guidelines


        FairTax.org must not advocate the election or defeat of any candidate for public office.


        FairTax.org may not make any monetary contributions to political candidates.


        FairTax.org must not provide anything of value to a candidate or a candidate’s campaign for public office, or to a political party.


        FairTax.org should strive to educate all members of the public, including candidates for public office, and their prospective constituents on the FairTax in an endeavor to gain support for the public policy initiative.


        FairTax.org should not favor any candidate, political party, or incumbent over another.


        FairTax.org should strive to be only factual, and not to characterize candidates’ statements, writings, or positions on the FairTax.

        FairTax.org members may be active in campaigns as individuals, but never as representatives of FairTax.org.


        FairTax.org should strive to be 100 percent evenhanded when approaching and briefing candidates or members of political parties.


        FairTax.org must make any and all information that is available to one member of the public available to all members of the public.  FairTax.org cannot be selective about information.


        On Election Day FairTax volunteers can be present at polling places.  We can hand out FairTax educational materials and can place FairTax yard signs near polling places as long as we stay within the laws of how far they must be from the polling location.  But FairTax volunteers cannot coordinate this activity with any candidate and cannot hand out information for or against a candidate or information that mentions a candidate.


Thank you for standing up for the FairTax
and for making our democracy work.