ITEP "study" rebuttal


What is the origin of the ITEP paper?

In August of 2004, President Bush went off script at a campaign rally in Niceville, Florida and demonstrated knowledge of and curiosity about the FairTax.  Immediately, the Kerry campaign’s instant response team spun up election-year-driven opposition to the legislation, despite its many features quite beneficial to the Democratic Party’s traditional constituency.  This theme was picked up and expanded in the South Carolina Senate race by the Inez Tenenbaum campaign organization.  Ms. Tenenbaum was the Democratic Party’s candidate in opposition to Republican/then-Congressman Jim DeMint for the open Senate seat.  At the time, DeMint was a House co-sponsor of the FairTax, HR 25.  In short, Senator DeMint won a bitter, hard-fought race by double digits and post-election polling found that tax-interested voters were driven to vote for DeMint by the Tenenbaum campaign, which relied largely on the ITEP paper.


            Now, two years later the ITEP paper has resurfaced again as a tool to attack the FairTax in national campaigns. 


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