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FairTax Parade


The Goldenrod Area of Orlando, FL, holds a festival and parade every year, and this year’s theme was Politics. All political candidates in the area were invited to be in the parade, and Rick Eden, owner of Eden Construction, designed and built a float for FairTax supporters. The theme of the float was the Boston Tea Party.


Richard Giambruno was one of the organizers for the FairTax effort, and he reports that about 16 volunteers were there on the float and walking the parade route handing out FairTax items. Jessica Crane,’s Orlando Community Coordinator, and several other volunteers put together FairTax tea bags. Jessica said she gave out over 200 during the parade. Several hundred adults and many more children lined the parade route for a mile or more.


Thanks from to the generosity and hard work of Rick Eden and the employees of Eden Construction, and thanks too to Rich, Jessica and the many volunteers who made the FairTax float roll!


To make your own FairTax tea bags, check out the Just for Fun section for the template.