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FairTax senior strategist Denis Calabrese

Denis Calabrese 

Senior FairTax strategist Denis Calabrese responds on video to a series of Frequently Asked Questions about the FairTax.

Daily, throughout the country, the controversy over tax reform is in the news. Within the News & Developments section we will cull the features that are of most importance to the passage of the FairTax and present them in a timely fashion. The left-hand navigation outline provides access to highlighted, featured news and events, as well as an archive of Current News articles. Often, the team at FairTax.org must respond to particular accusations or simply provide answers to misleading statements or differing opinions. Access to these rebuttals can be found through the They Said What?! and Commentary & Opinion sections.

Newsworthy in its own right is the positive effect that our grassroots advocates have upon our congressional support. When constituents speak out, smart officials listen. Our Co-sponsor Gallery offers information on our co-sponsors and a link to their individual Web sites. While it's informational to you, it also gives us a chance to recognize each of them within our site and applaud their commitment to the FairTax! If you don't find your representative in the Co-sponsor Gallery, visit the Grassroots and Take Action sections and find out what you can do to directly affect their support!