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Excerpt from Rebuttal to President's Tax Panel Report


Hundreds of thousands of FairTax supporters were deeply dismayed and angered to learn that the President's tax panel ignored millions of dollars worth of solid, independent research on the FairTax legislation, research completed by some of the nation’s top economists over the last decade.  Despite access to the FairTax legislation and all of the research, the panel itself virtually overnight created an alternate and severely flawed national retail sales tax plan, which they then scored and condemned.

This is exactly the kind of misdirection that the American people see as the hallmark of Washington lobbyists who put their own careers ahead of the clear national interest to develop a simple, fair, and transparent replacement tax system.

The panel failed the American people in the two most fundamental tasks: 

1)  They failed to define true criteria by which reform should be evaluated; and

2)  They failed to grade tax reform plans against those criteria. 

Instead of the fundamental reforms the panel was charged with developing, they recommended changes that further complicate an already overly complex tax system, one that is also too expensive to operate and an unfair burden to taxpayers.

We provide excerpts here from the challenge to the false findings of the tax panel and we rebut the main contentions of their report.

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