Grassroots Freedom Ride for FairTax

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The Grass Roots Freedom ride is a team of hardworking, enthusiastic FairTax supporters who promote FairTax doing what they love through grass roots chapters throughout the USA. The National Chapter, The Grass Roots Freedom Riders, is a group of bikers who want to “Make Some Noise” so that FairTax is understood by all Americans to move this legislation forward. We invite you to join us and “Make Some Noise” in your hometown! Through our efforts, we can raise the funds to make FairTax become a reality! Signing up as a rider enables you to join the national ride by signing the necessary waiver.

It’s easy to start your own Grass Roots Freedom Ride Chapter to promote FairTax. Biking chapters are great, but you don't need to be a biker - form your team based on what you like to do! Bicycle, run, walk - organize some fun & visibility for FairTax. Here are some ways for you to get involved and support our continuing work to see the passage of the FairTax.

  • Create a Chapter and be the Chapter Captain -- form a local chapter and organize rides for FairTax in your area. Your $25 enrollment fee makes you an official member of the Grass Roots Freedom Riders, with your own chapter identity.  You and all your members will sign the required waiver to protect your chapter and AFFT.

    Encourage your friends to join your chapter and ask encourage everyone you know to pledge your chapter’s rides.  We all want tax reform! Your work to support FairTax will help educate the public and grow FairTax momentum.  Grow your own winning team!

  • Join a Chapter in your area to work together to plan activities and have some fun! As a chapter member, collect personal pledges that will raise the funds necessary to see FairTax become a reality.

  • Join the National Team - If you're joining any part of the national tour, your home-town FairTax supporters can make pledges in your honor on your page. Just remember, you won't be able to create or join a chapter later, so you might want to consider being a Chapter Captain of your "team" of one to allow for flexibility in the future.

  • Pledge to the National Chapter - The Grass Roots Freedom Riders – Your generous gift will continue the fight to pass the FairTax legislation.  Check to see this summer’s route plan.  The FairTax Bike will be visiting all the lower 48 states and at least 2 visits to Washington DC – 8/28 & 9/12.   The Grass Roots Freedom Riders will be touring through September 2010, coming to a town near you!

Finally, give yourself a huge pat on the back as you see your team’s thermometer measure your success.  You’re helping to bring our country back to sound finances through FairTax Reform.

Freeedom Ride Top Fundraisers

Freedom Rider

  1. Mike McLean - $100.00
  2. Laura McCue - $100.00
  3. Richard Dawson - $75.00
  4. Jerry Nielsen - $75.00
  5. Miki Booth - $25.00
  6. Brian Whitcomb - $10.00