Your U.S. Representative Could Help Get Your Delayed IRS Refunds

CHICAGO (CBS) — Some people are still waiting for money owed by the IRS and others are calling the feds for help and getting nowhere. CBS 2’s Marie Saavedra has uncovered a back channel that is worth a shot to get cash you’re owed.

“Exceptionally frustrating. It should be a very easy task to call and get somebody,” said Kelly Sheridan.

Sheridan, of Carol Stream, is helping her mother jump through some hoops to get her late father’s stimulus check. To do it, the IRS asked they call a 1-800 number. But each time an automated message blames IRS call volume and disconnects.

“We tried calling first thing in the morning, late, later at night during their posted hours, in between. Nothing worked,” Sheridan said.
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