The FAIRtax Candidate Pledge 2020

I, ___________________________________, do solemnly pledge as a candidate for the office of Senator for the state of _______, or Representative for the State of _______ Congressional District _______, I will actively, visibly and fully support The FAIRtax!

When elected, I will immediately co-sponsor and vote for The Fair Tax Act, the purpose of which is:

“To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the federal income tax and other taxes, to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, and to enact a national retail sales tax on new goods and services to be administered by the States”.

The voters who support FAIRtax will rely on your pledge.

Click here to download the pdf of "The FAIRtax 2020 Candidate Pledge"

Please take at least 2 pictures;  one of the candidate signing the Pledge and another of You and the candidate both holding the Pledge.  Then Email both pictures to

In addition to the  pictures, a short video of the signing would also be great.  Also email to

Click candidate's name to view their Pledge pictures.



Name Signed State URL

Stanley Adair 02-08-2020 AL

Allen Waters 02-25-2020 RI


Name Signed District URL

P.T. Burton Pending AZ-09

Kat Cammack 05-21-2020 FL-03

Joe Millado 03-02-2020 FL-03

Gavin Rollins 01-20-2020 FL-03

John Rutherford 05-04-2020 FL-04

Dr. Rich McCormick 02-07-2020 GA-07

Vance Dean 04-17-2020 GA-08

Steven Everly 04-21-2020 IA-02

Rick Phillips 04-15-2020 IA-02

William Schafer 04-29-2020 IA-03

Steve King 04-27-2020 IA-04

Alter Eliezer Richter 05-14-2020 NJ-04

Lovelynn Gwinn Pending NY-13

Phil Arlinghaus Pending TN-01