#305 IRS vs. The Little Guy

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  • Source: YouTube
  • 02/23/2022
The FAIRtax Guys begin this episode by going where no congress.gov segment has gone before. It’s an astonishing look at exactly why the current tax code is over 75,000 pages of incomprehensible gobbledygook that no one can understand. Then, the Guys expose one of the IRS’s dirty little secrets. With illegal income tax evasion costing the government nearly a trillion dollars a year, you’d think the IRS would be going after wealthy taxpayers who are cheating the government out of millions. But there’s a problem. These big cats can afford to hire the best and most powerful professionals to help them in their quest to keep more of their money. So instead, the IRS often turns its wrath on little guys who can’t afford to fight back.
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