#310 More IRS Meddling in Your Business

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  • Source: YouTube
  • 03/30/2022
You wouldn't put up with it for an instant if your mother-in-law tried to tell you how much of your own money you can put away for your retirement, or how much you can withdraw from your savings. That's none of her business. Yet, people continue to tolerate the IRS doing the exact same thing. And the IRS really has no more business manipulating your personal finances than your mother-in-law does.

In this edition of FAIRtax Power Radio, the FAIRtax Guys examine how changes in life expectancy could result in changes to IRS rules regarding Required Minimum Distributions from retirement accounts. If you want to take back control of your personal finances, help us pass the FAIRtax and put the IRS, and all of its rules and regulations, out of business.
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