#314 Electing FAIRtax Candidates

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  • Source: YouTube
  • 04/27/2022
Unless you have a mountain of campaign cash to contribute to a politician, it can be really hard to get that politician’s attention and convince him/her to support the FAIRtax. Currently, the FAIRtax bill has 29 cosponsors in the House. Adding in the primary sponsor, that’s 30 FAIRtax supporters out of 435 House members. A FAIRtax bill hasn’t even been introduced in the Senate in this Congress. Clearly, getting politicians on board with the FAIRtax after they’ve been elected is a tall order indeed.

The lesson here is clear. FAIRtax volunteers should be a lot less focused on winning support for the FAIRtax among sitting politicians, and more focused on electing new politicians who already support the FAIRtax. To that end, the FAIRtax Guys brought in John Gaver for a conversation on how to approach candidates, introduce them to the FAIRtax and secure their support before they get elected.

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