The Chairman’s Report April 5th, 2024

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  • 04/05/2024

We know the real reason

When people learn about the FAIRtax, they often ask, “Who is stopping the FAIRtax from being enacted?”

They see that the FAIRtax, a national retail sales tax on new, not used, retail goods and retail services, eliminates:
  • The income tax and payroll taxes
  • The need to keep receipts and file tax returns.
  • The IRS
  • Tax audits of individuals
  • Tax lobbyists selling tax benefits to special interest groups
  • The ability of the wealthy to use special loopholes and exemptions in the tax code to reduce their tax liability
  • Any federal tax on spending up to the amount needed to provide the basic necessities for your family 
  • The pending insolvency of Social Security and Medicare
  • The penalties on earnings, savings, and investments
  • The tax benefits to importers that send American jobs overseas and punish U.S. producers
  • The hidden federal taxes included in the price of everything we purchase—15% to 25% of the price we pay
The list can continue but the main thing is that the FAIRtax takes the power to tax and punish away from the D.C. elites and puts it our hands—we pay tax when we decide to spend.  Until then, all the money we earn all goes to us.


The Answer?

While it is not the complete answer, the Scott Rasmussen survey provides a revealing look at a group of Americans he calls “America’s Elite 1%”.  This group is defined as people who make over $150,000 a year, live in densely populated areas, and have postgraduate degrees.  
Here are some of the results of the poll:
  • The elite 1% represent 1% of the population and are extraordinarily influential. 
  • A heavy concentration of them went to one of 12 elite schools. 
  • About half of the policy positions in government and half the corporate board positions in America are held by people who went to one of these dozen schools.
  • They are in power centers—Manhattan or D.C.
  • They shape the mainstream media narrative.
  • Regarding the issue of cheating to win an election, only 7% of all voters approve of cheating to win.  That number rises to 35% among the elite 1%.
  • However, among the elite group that talks politics every day, an astounding 69% say that cheating is a perfectly acceptable way to ensure that they don’t lose an election.
  • Most Americans believe we don’t have enough freedom but over 50% of the elite and 70% of the politically involved elite say we have too much freedom.
  • 70% of the elite trust the government to do the right thing and believe that we’d all be better off if they were in charge of making decisions for the rest of us.

The elite 1% control:
  • Most of the important positions in the Biden administration and prior Republican administrations
  • Most think tanks—both conservative and liberal ones
  • Most other policy groups in D.C.  
The elite 1% don’t want:
  • The other 99% to control how much federal taxes they pay
  • To lose the IRS as a way to intimidate and control the other 99%
  • To lose the ability to reward their friends and punish their enemies using the tax code
  • To lose the ability to use the tax code to coerce people into acting against their own best interests in order to achieve an outcome that is beneficial to them
The elite 1% in D.C. is ignoring the one real solution that allows us to remain citizens and not subjects, the FAIRtax.  The FAIRtax is simple, non-invasive, but most of all, IT WORKS!

Please go to this link to invest in AFFT and help us pass the FAIRtax.  It’s an investment in your and your family’s future. 


Why would D.C. pass the FAIRtax and give up this almost unlimited source of donations?  The only way that they will is if the rest of us demand it!
Isn’t it time to end this ludicrous tax collection system and the IRS?

There is going to be a vote on the FAIRtax in the House of Representatives.  

We now have the opportunity to force all Members of the House to show where they stand.  They can:
  • Vote for the present income/payroll tax system or for the FAIRtax.
  • Support the corrupt income tax and the IRS or eliminate it.  It can’t be any simpler than that.
  • Hide the true cost of their government or pass the FAIRtax and show everyone the true cost of government on each retail receipt.
  • Support the largest transfer of power from government to the people, the FAIRtax, or not.
If Members think that the FAIRtax needs to be amended to address a problem, then they can propose the change.  Don’t let reject the entire bill because it has a perceived “flaw” that can be addressed.  

By contributing (investing) $10.40 per month, you help provide a financial base to AFFT.  If you can make larger contributions (investments), these will be used not for salaries, as we are all volunteers, but for the needed updates to our economic studies which will be vital for all future years.
Please go to this link to invest in AFFT and help us pass the FAIRtax.  It’s an investment in your and your family’s future. 
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