#353 The Rest of the Story - Part 1
Speaker McCarthy’s promise to bring the FAIRtax to the House floor for debate and a vote has created quite a buzz around the FAIRtax. Someone once said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Read More.
#352 A Giant Leap for the FAIRtax
FAIRtax history will be made in the newly convened 118th Congress. For the first time since it was first introduced over 20 years ago, the FAIRtax will not die in committee. Read More.
#351 The FAIRtax and Social Security
It’s not news to anybody that Social Security is on the path to insolvency. Fewer and fewer workers are supporting more and more retirees. More dollars have been flowing out of the system than coming in for decades. Read More.
#350 State of the FAIRtax
The FAIRtax Guys ring in 2023 with a special guest on FAIRtax Power Radio. Steve Hayes, president of Americans For Fair Taxation delivers his “State of the FAIRtax” address. Read More.
#349 2022 Tax Proposal Hall of Shame
Every week, the FAIRtax Guys look at to see what kind of changes the Congress Critters are proposing for the tax code. And every year, there are thousands of these changes—many sought by lobbyists on behalf of special interest groups. Read More.
#348 Walle’s World Replacing the FAIRtax with an Income Tax?
CPA Jade Walle joins the FAIRtax Guys for our quarterly “Walle’s World” episode on FAIRtax Power Radio, but this one’s a little different. Instead of digging deeply into a FAIRtax related topic, Jade plays the part of a crafty politician who wants to replace the FAIRtax with an income tax. Read More.
#347 Prebate 101
The prebate sets the FAIRtax apart from every other sales tax people may be familiar with. In every other case, when you buy a taxable item, you pay the tax, period. However, the FAIRtax actually pays itself on spending up to the poverty level. Read More.
#346 The Times They Are A-Changin
Bob Dylan wasn’t thinking about the tax code when he wrote the 60’s protest anthem “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, but he could have been. According to the National Taxpayer Advocate, the tax code changed 4,680 times from 2001 to 2012, an average of just over one change per day. And the pace hasn’t slowed down. Read More.
#345 Smaller Refunds
Every year, many people anxiously look forward to their tax refund. This week, the FAIRtax Guys look at an article in which the IRS warns that refunds this year could be smaller because, surprise, there have been a number of changes to the tax code. Read More.
#344 More Fraud and Abuse at the IRS
We’ve known for a long time that fraudsters and criminals have been helping themselves to our money by filing bogus claims for tax deductions and credits with the IRS. Now, it seems that an entire industry has sprung up to help people claim money they’re not entitled to. And the IRS has admitted defeat. Read More.
#343 Is There a Medic in the House?
The FAIRtax Guys were recently introduced to Anthony Parent. Anthony is a practicing tax attorney. He also maintains a YouTube channel under the name “IRS Medic”. Read More.
#342 Shifting Sand
If you could describe the Internal Revenue Code in one word, that word would be “unstable”. Every week, FAIRtax Power Radio looks at some of the thousands of proposed changes to the tax code in its segment. Read More.
#341 The IRS vs. Congress
Collecting the taxes needed to keep the government running should not be a partisan process. Unfortunately, neither the politicians nor the IRS got the memo. Using the IRS as a political weapon dates back decades, but now there’s a new wrinkle. The IRS itself is now resisting Congressional oversight, and Congress is divided along party lines over how best to administer that oversight. Read More.
#340 Transparency at the IRS? No way
Earlier this year, it was reported that the IRS destroyed over 30 million tax documents. As you might imagine, there is more than just casual curiosity among some Members of Congress about what really happened and why. Read More.
#339 Book 'em Danno
The Justice Department has charged five current and former IRS employees with stealing COVID relief money and using it to make lavish personal purchases—including a new Mercedes and trips to Las Vegas. Read More.

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