Petition to Pass the FAIRtax

America has never needed the FAIRtax more than now. . .


With a crippled economy and incompetant political leadership, the country is hurtling towards hardship. 

Jobs - there are jobs and not enough workers to fill them. Why?  Because government subsidies often mean that workers will take a pay-cut if they take a job. The FAIRtax will stimulate the economy, raise workers' salaries and  workers will have more money in their pocket, no reckless deficit spending needed!

Corruption through the roof - lawmakers use the IRS to attack certain law-abiding Americans with whom they disagree who have done nothing wrong except say or believe the "wrong" things. Abolish the IRS!

Unfair and destructive tax code - it’s time we implement a policy that serves We the People, not They the PoliticiansThe FAIRtax benefits all citizens of all classes!

The FAIRtax eliminates individual and corporate income taxes, replacing them with a national consumption tax. No more filing taxes, no more IRS, and no more government hands in your paycheck. Learn more here.

Help fight for a new era of Liberty and Prosperity in America!


Stand with Americans for Fair Taxation - SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!