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House Bill 359 - Statement Of Purpose:  "Arguably, property taxes are a leftover vestige of a feudal system of governing from the Middle Ages wherein lords of manors were required to pay tribute to a king or queen or they risked losing their lands. It's not unreasonable to suggest we still live under that same system in if you refuse to pay property taxes, you risk losing your property.

The 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right of its citizens to own property.  To truly own property, one must be free from having to make payments to the government just to keep your own in the form of property taxes.

This legislation will eliminate all property taxes in the state and simultaneously replace the lost revenue from said property taxes with increased collections of sales taxes. The sales tax rate will be increased from 6% to 11%.

To ensure property taxes aren't raised in the future, a Joint Resolution would need to follow to amend the constitution to prohibit property taxes from being collected.

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Article 1/25/20: "Idaho Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Repeal Property Tax Statewide"