#400 Steve Hayes Testifies Before Congress
December 6, 2023 was a significant day for the FAIRtax. That’s the day that AFFT president Steve Hayes testified before the House Ways and Means subcommittee on taxation. While Congress is still a long way from enacting real tax reform, it’s encouraging to see that the FAIRtax is still in the conversation when it comes to deciding exactly what that reform should look like. Read More.
#399 The IRS Is Coming after Your Venmo Money
Economists will tell you that there are a number of different laws, like the Law of Supply and Demand, that define how our economic system works. Here’s one they probably won’t tell you about, but it’s certainly true nonetheless. “Never underestimate a politician’s lust for your money”. Read More.
#398 - More Questions Answered
Compared to the income tax, the FAIRtax is an exceedingly simple and easy to understand method of raising the money the Federal government needs to operate and provide services that people need and demand. Read More.
#397 - FAIRtax Questions Answered
The FAIRtax FAQ at is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know more about what the FAIRtax is, how it works and why it’s fair. Read More.
#396 Some Thoughts from Steve Hayes
Steve Hayes is the president of Americans for Fair Taxation. He has been involved in the effort to replace the income tax with a consumption tax since well before the FAIRtax was developed and introduced into Congress. Read More.
#395 NC State Should Know Better
Back in February, economist Nathan Goldman at North Carolina State University in Raleigh published an article purporting to answer common questions people may have about the FAIRtax. You would think that an economist would understand what a boon the FAIRtax would be for the American economy. Read More.
#394 Sweeping Changes at the IRS
The IRS has announced what it calls “a sweeping effort to restore fairness to the tax system”. In a nutshell, the IRS says it’s going to make tax compliance fairer by concentrating its enforcement and auditing efforts on higher income taxpayers, partnerships, large corporations and promoters who are abusing the tax rules. Read More.
#393 - The FAIRtax Guys at WTOB
The FAIRtax Guys are grateful for the radio stations that carry FAIRtax Power Radio at no charge as a public service. The flagship station for this effort is WTOB in Winston-Salem, NC where Bob Scarborough is employed. Read More.
#391 - The FAIRtax and Healthcare
There is a lot of good information at regarding what the FAIRtax is, how it works, and what kind of impact it will have on the economy and on our lives. One area of concern that many have is how the FAIRtax will affect their healthcare. Read More.
#390 - Brookings looks at the FAIRtax
This past March after the FAIRtax had been promised a vote in the House of Representatives, Brookings Institute, a long time member of the Washington establishment, published an article supposedly analyzing the FAIRtax. Like many others before it, Brookings had to twist the FAIRtax into something it isn’t in order to muster an argument against it. Like many others before it, the article was full of opinion presented as fact. Read More.
#389 - Moore v US Part 2
Last week, the FAIRtax Guys began discussing a case before the Supreme Court that could have a monumental impact on the kind of taxes you may be subject to in the future. The critical question the court is being asked to answer is whether or not the government can tax money that you have not actually received. Read More.
#388 - Moore v US Part 1
It’s not making waves in the media, but there is a case before the Supreme Court that could have huge implications for what taxation in America will look like moving forward. The basic question the court will have to decide is whether or not the government can tax money you have not actually received. Read More.
#387 - Running People Off
John Richardson is an attorney living in Canada who specializes in helping American citizens living outside the US deal with the unique problems our US tax code imposes on those citizens. Read More.
#386 - They Do Know Better
In the years since it was first introduced, Congress has paid precious little attention to the FAIRtax. Judging from that, it would be easy to believe that your Congressional representatives never hear about the FAIRtax and that many don’t know anything about it. Unfortunately, the truth is that Congress DOES know about the FAIRtax. They just choose to ignore it. Read More.
#385 - More Insanity Debunked
A lot of people make a lot of money off the current income/payroll tax system. The FAIRtax would derail their gravy train. So, it’s no wonder that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s promise to bring the FAIRtax to a vote in this Congress has brought opposition to the FAIRtax out of the woodwork. Read More.

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