#369 - Who Ya Gonna Call
In a concession to the Freedom Caucus, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has agreed to bring the FAIRtax to a vote in this Congress. Still, in order for that to happen, HR 25 must be voted out of the House Ways and Means Committee before there can be debate and a vote on the floor of the House. Read More.
#368 More IRS vs. the Little Guy
A non-partisan data research group at Syracuse University had documented a phenomenon that we all knew was happening. Read More.
#367 - Billions of Reasons to Pass the FAIRtax
The IRS is slated to get billions of dollars in new funding, but what will our money buy us? Better customer service? Maybe. Read More.
#366 FAIRtax Basics – Part 2
This week, the FAIRtax Guys continue their look at some of the basic fundamentals of the FAIRtax. Read More.
#365 FAIRtax Basics – Part 1
With many people just now becoming aware of the FAIRtax for the first time, the FAIRtax Guys begin a two-part series on some of the basics of the FAIRtax. Read More.
#363 The FAIRtax is Good for the Economy – Part 1
For decades, economists have been saying that taxing income and production is much more harmful to an economy than taxing consumption. Still, the politicians insist on keeping the income tax system even though there’s a much fairer, much more efficient, and much less harmful way to collect the revenue that the government needs to operate. Read More.
#364 The FAIRtax is Good for the Economy – Part 2
American manufacturers build some of the best products in the world. Unfortunately, these companies are at a decided disadvantage in the world market thanks to our arcane and ridiculous income tax system. Read More.
#362 - The IRS Is Bad for the Working Poor
A few weeks ago, FAIRtax Power Radio documented how the FAIRtax would benefit lower income workers. In the meantime, Yahoo Finance published an article that shows the other side of the coin—how the current income tax system victimizes lower income taxpayers. Read More.
#361 - The FAIRtax is Good for Young Singles
FAIRtax Power Radio’s series on how the FAIRtax is good for different demographic and socio-economic groups continues with a look at how the FAIRtax will benefit young singles. Read More.
#360 - USA Today Looks at the FAIRtax
When Kevin McCarthy promised that the FAIRtax would get an up or down vote in the 118th Congress, it sparked a surge of interest in the media on what the FAIRtax is and how it would work. Unfortunately, a lot of what was said was either misleading at best, or downright dishonest at worse. Read More.
#359 The FAIRtax Is Good for the Working Poor
If there’s one lie about the FAIRtax that never seems to go away and keeps getting repeated over and over again, it’s that the FAIRtax is regressive and will harm lower income workers. That’s an easy perception to have when you hear only that the FAIRtax is a massive new sales tax that will apply to everything you buy. However, it’s just not the truth. Read More.
#358 The FAIRtax Is Good for Expatriates
This episode of FAIRtax Power Radio begins a new series highlighting how the FAIRtax will benefit various demographic and socio-economic groups. Read More.
#357 The Rest of the Story - Part 5
When the FAIRtax Guys decided to do a series on what the media will either suppress or distort about the FAIRtax, they thought it would take two or maybe three episodes to cover it. Well, it turns out that there is so much dishonesty in the media, it ended up taking five episodes to cover it all. Read More.
#356 The Rest of the Story - Part 4
There’s been a lot in the media, and especially social media, about the FAIRtax in recent weeks. You’ve undoubtedly heard that it’s a massive new tax on just about everything you buy, but there’s been one aspect of the FAIRtax that has been largely ignored—how it will all but eliminate illegal tax evasion. Read More.
#355 The Rest of the Story - Part 3
There’s a lot about the FAIRtax in the media that’s just not true. Some may be due to unfamiliarity with the FAIRtax and how it works, but most of it seems to be deliberate misrepresentation in an effort to turn people against it. Read More.

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